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Footnotes: Public Accounting’s War for Talent; Deloitte Gets a G-(wo)man; IRS’s Lousy Tax Gap Estimates | 09.16.13

McClanathan, Burg & Associates is looking for a Tax Manager in St. Petersburg, FL. [GCJ]

Accounting Firms Launch New War for Talent [CPAT]

How Detroit went broke [DFP]

Protests Surge as IRS Sets Jackson Image at $430 Million Documents recently released in litigation between the estate of pop star Michael Jackson and the IRS showed that a large part of the dispute revolves around the value of Jackson’s image and likeness. While the estate assessed the value of his image at $2,105, the IRS’s valuation was more than $430 million. [Bloomberg]

Tax Avoidance Just Isn’t What It Used To Be [Tax Analysts]

Deloitte hires FBI agent who oversaw probe into Sept 11 attack [Reuters]

TIGTA: IRS Must Improve Comprehensiveness, Accuracy, Reliability & Timeliness of Tax Gap Estimate [TaxProf]

Loeb Reinsurer Faced SEC Push to Improve Disclosure The regulator also questioned Third Point Re’s description of Chief Executive Officer John Berger as “one of the leading reinsurance executives of his generation.” “Please eliminate this type of subjective statement,” the SEC said. “Instead consider providing factual information relating to his accomplishments in prior positions.” [Bloomberg via Jon Weil]

Study: White Country Boys are the Drunkest [Gawker]

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