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Footnotes: A Lot of Laundered Money; We Need More Rich People; Apple’s Tax Strategy Brings Out the Trolls | 05.28.13

The Secret Service busted an alleged $6 billion money laundering dealie-o called, ironically enough, "Liberty Reserve." It's like the Federal Reserve except not sanctioned by the government for money laundering purposes, ya know. [Fox]

According to a new groundbreaking study, when the rich get richer, taxes get lower. [WaPo Wonkblog]

And, based on that study, here's some chart porn. [Business Insider]

This holiday season, you can now impress your uncle with your incredible knowledge of revenue recognition when he hands you that $50 Sears gift card you will throw in a drawer and forget about. [Journal of Accountancy]

Proposed airline tax hikes could put a damper on your summer travel [Don't Mess With Taxes]

There is some Internet fight going on RIGHT NOW over Apple's taxes [Forbes]

Bill Gates loves paying taxes. Looooooves it. [Daily Caller]

SEC Turns Its Attention Back To Accounting Fraud, Literary Criticism A criticism of the SEC that you’ll sometimes hear is that it’s mostly a bunch of lawyers, and two things that are broadly true of lawyers as a class is that they are good at close readings of dense texts and terrified of math. This means, some might say, that the agency is ill-equipped to regulate the high-tech quantitative world of modern finance. So it’s obscurely pleasing to read that the SEC’s office of quantitative research is rolling out a new program that applies high-tech quantitative methods to, basically, close reading of dense texts [Dealbreaker]

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