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Footnotes: Intern Horror Stories; Adjustable Taxes?; SEC Still Cracking Diamond Foods’ Nut | 01.09.14

Obama political donor leading Justice Department’s IRS investigation Two Republican lawmakers and a conservative legal group are crying foul over the Justice Department’s selection of a Democratic donor to lead the agency’s investigation into the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of advocacy groups during the 2010 and 2012 election cycles. [Federal Eye via WaPo]

Should tax rates vary based on how crappy (or un-crappy) the economy is? [TIME]

Aaaaand incendiary headline of the day goes to: The GOP Won't Raise Your Taxes, Unless You're A Woman And You Want An Abortion [HuffPo]

The "dead" Georgia banker has pleaded not guilty to fraud [NBC]

/r/accounting is sharing intern horror stories, you might have one of your own to add [Reddit]

The Wilfs are appealing their $100 million fraud judgment and that's WILFS with a W, people [KARE 11]

Diamond Foods will pay $5 million to the SEC over nutty accounting [LA Times]

Some cats are trying to rehome their human on Craigslist due to moving to a new place that doesn't allow humans, free to a good home [CL]

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