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Footnotes: Deloitte’s Costly Negligence; CIA Tax Trouble; PwC Conflict-Free | 07.15.14

National debt will exceed entire annual US output by 2039, CBO projects [CSM]

Singer Brian McKnight has settled with his former accountants [tJB]

Madoff Sons Deleted E-Mails, Hindered Probe, Trustee Says In an amended complaint filed today in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan, the trustee said he uncovered evidence that Andrew Madoff and Mark Madoff printed e-mails and labeled them as “trash” before deleting them from the server during an SEC probe into Madoff’s investment advisory business. [BBW]

Satyam Founder Ordered to Pay Back Alleged Accounting-Fraud Gains [WSJ]

Deloitte ordered to pay another $33-million in Livent negligence case We think that's $33 million in Canadian money [The Globe and Mail]

The European Commission has no idea what you mean when you say PwC may have a conflict of interest [EurActiv]

U.S. House approves permanent ban on Internet access taxes The House, in a voice vote Tuesday, passed the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act, over the objections of some Democrats. In addition to permanently banning states and local governments from taxing Internet access, the bill would ban any other form of Internet-only taxes, although its aimed primarily at taxes on Internet access service. [PCWorld]

Michigan Treasury says CIA owes state over $20,000 in taxes withheld from employee paychecks Wait, what is the CIA doing in Michigan? [COD]

TSA Agent Not Sure What This So-Called "District of Columbia" Is In his defense, the new licenses do look like they were ordered from the back of a 1950s comic book [Gawker]