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Footnotes: Accounting Tricks; WEED; A Guy Who Won’t Be Getting 72 Virgins in Heaven | 02.06.13

Debevoise Ditches Its Trusts and Estates Practice [ATL]

Accounting "trick" may help clinch EU budget deal [Reuters]

Taxes Are (Still) Not Part of the Draw for California’s Richest [NYT]

Sure You've Paid Taxes Before, But Have You Ever Paid Taxes….ON WEED? [Forbes]

Philadelphia says Yuengling beer maker owes $6.6M in back taxes [AP]

Sour charity: Ousted Ground Zero mosque leader stole millions, suit says [NY Post]

SEC Settles Insider Trading Case With Houston Man [Bloomberg]

Meet the Firms event is just around the corner. Will this resume sink or float? [/r/accounting]

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