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Deloitte Has Out-Cringed Itself

Facepalm gesture, young woman in bright yellow sweater holding hand to face

The Aussie Corporate (Insta) recently shared some uniquely Deloitte motivation attempts and we must warn you, it’s bad. Why are firms like this?

HAHAHAHA because we make you work too much LOL aren’t we funny!!

But wait! There’s more! Ten posters to be exact, nine of which are terrible.

This set includes:

  • Don’t “circle back”
  • Do Talk straight [Take your own advice here, Big D]
  • Don’t “run it up the flagpole”
  • Dare to boldly go work on a floor you’ve never been to before.
  • Dare to not sit in the same side of the table that you usually do.

In the same side of the table?

You’re in the table!

Moving on:

  • Dare to accidentally be on mute, but then own it
  • Celebrating our wins? Well, that’s a win win. [I hear the faint sound of fapping off in the distance when I read this]
  • Take a step towards empathy. Walk in someone else’s shoes today. Not literally though.
  • Honesty is the best policy. Honestly.

OK, that last one is alright. Honestly.

What’s with the creepy “If you see something, say something” eyeballs on these? They make me nervous.


Digging past the cringe slogans into what “Aussie Signals” are, we find this explanation straight from Deloitte. These signals mentioned in small text at the bottom of each poster “showcase how our Australian firm uniquely exemplifies these values.” OK.

Be you

Be true to your authentic self, upholding your integrity, while embracing and honouring the diversity of others.

Empower and trust

Actively listen to and support the people around you. Trust others and earn trust through consistent actions.

Talk straight

Be open and honest, but always with care and empathy. Have the courage to speak up and back your sense of integrity.

Have fun and celebrate

Enjoy and celebrate what you do and those you do it with. Manage your energy so you can uplift and elevate others.

Dare to be different

Embrace creativity to make a greater impact. Be curious to learn and try new things.

Please just stick to professional services. I don’t know how many times and in how many different ways we have to say this.

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