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Reminder, Creepy Accountants: Offering to Teach a Subordinate About Tax Returns Is Not an Opportunity to Get All Handsy

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Here’s a story from November (yeah, I know, but it’s January 3rd) about a “68-year-old Manhattan accountant” who “lured his 23-year-old clerk to his home office by saying he wanted to teach her about income-tax returns — then claimed God wanted her to be his sexual plaything.”

I don’t have to tell any of you that a whole bunch of powerful men got their comeuppance last year after preying on women for decades. Now, most accountants are not famous or powerful, but by god, that hasn’t prevented some of them from using what little power they have to coerce a subordinate into a sexual encounter.

And this guy had the worst move that you could possibly imagine:

Eileen Kim claims in the new Manhattan Supreme Court suit that married boss Young Tai Choi’s creepy behavior started weeks after she went to work for him in January at his East 30th Street home office.

“Choi began telling her that she needed to come in after hours for ‘alone sessions’ with him on Sundays to teach her about personal income-tax returns and accounting,” according to court papers.

During the session, he told the churchgoing New Jersey resident that “she was an angel sent to him for sex and compared himself and her to Adam and Eve,” according to court papers.

When Choi yanked her onto his lap and tried to kiss her, she screamed and pushed him away, the suit says.

This is what amazes me about these men who pursue women in this awkwardly predatory fashion — they actually think it will work! This deranged individual (allegedly) thought to himself, “I’ll go over the basics of a 1040 and then move on to the Divine Providence of us getting it on. Maybe I should do it wearing a towel? Or maybe I’ll just offer to give her a massage while discussing the underlying theory of double-entry? Yeah, that’ll do the trick.”

All you scumbag accountants should plan on keeping your eyes on the TCJA this busy season. And then once you think you’ve got it down, read it again. And then again. And then translate it into Mandarin. Do whatever you have to avoid being a scumbag.

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