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October 1, 2023

Calling All High School Students Interested In Accounting

We know Going Concern is the preferred accounting "news" provider for accounting students and young professionals everywhere but on the off chance there's a high school sophomore out there who loves GC and wants to win some scholarship money, this post is for you.

Last week, the AICPA announced a unique opportunity for high school students called Project Innovation: The Start Here, Go Places. (r) Competition of Creative Excellence. The competition is a call for ideas for a new feature on the Start Here, Go Places website, with the winning team receiving a $3,000 scholarship and funds for their high school.

The competition will help Start Here, Go Places become an even more helpful destination for students to explore endless possibilities that a career in accounting can lead to. The competition is open to high school student between the ages of 15 and 19 working in teams of 2 to 4 classmates with a faculty advisor. Teams may submit their best idea proposal by the February 6 deadline, which gives you 12 days to come up with something (teamwork, people) with the help of your favorite teacher.

Winners will be announced on April 2.

Additional details are available at

In case you aren't already familiar, Start Here Go Places is the go-to destination for high schoolers unsure of what to be when they grow up who are considering a career in accounting. The cynic in me would like to tell you that the site is all some big conspiracy assisted by the Big 4 Propaganda Machine to get more warm bodies in chairs BUT it's not and I can prove it. Maryland Association of CPAs Secretary/Treasurer Byron Patrick was profiled on the site and – before I knew they slapped his face up there – actually talked about his job and somewhat accidental career path with the same sort of enthusiasm as you see on the site. So while it may be abnormally positive (in the same way Going Concern is abnormally negative), it does offer a pretty fair peek into the exciting world of accounting for high school students.

Personally I think it will be interesting to see how high schoolers perceive a career in accounting versus how many of you see it.

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