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(UPDATE) Bonus Watch ’10: PwC Holiday Payouts Coming In

This just in:

PwC West Coast just got issued the increased spot bonuses you talked about in this article:

[Bonus Watch: Pre-Turkey Spot Bonuses at PwC?]

From what I have gathered, they were either $1,500 or $2,000 in amount. (I have talked to several peers about this)

This is in addition to chatter we heard last week about bonuses being awarded in New York. If your city’s office is spreading the holiday cheer, discuss below or email us the details.

UPDATE, Thursday circa 11:00 am: Another tipster begs to differ on the amount:

I haven’t checked my paycheck yet- but my bonus sure as heck wasn’t $1500-$2000. I was told I was getting about $800.