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Why Are People at Big 4 Firms So Elitist? A Rant

Here’s a fun one from Fishbowl today:

Thankfully someone pointed out how bizarre it is for someone to have worked at Big 4, a small firm, and GT, BDO, and RSM. OP clarified that they only worked for Grant Thornton — which they called “awful and primitive” — and lumped similar size firms together as an example of the type of firm they had experience working for.

The comments were disappointingly tame and lacking elitism of any kind.

What’s so elite about Big4? [Fishbowl]

3 thoughts on “Why Are People at Big 4 Firms So Elitist? A Rant

  1. It is not entirely true. I know of former Big4 excutives that are humble and kind. The part that they get paid the most is not true either–it’s a corporate world/capitalist world out there!

  2. To the guy who said, “we get paid the most.” Lol, that’s not really true. I worked in a local firm literally across the street from KPMG and the late AA. Our guys K-1s were twice what theirs were and we had no shortage of their trash applying for jobs. Not factoring in the whipping AA took when capital accounts disappeared or the hefty fines they paid. We had the last laugh when they were walking out of the building, boxes in hand. EY just paid $100 million for their latest shenanigans, that’s got to hit those K-1s. Now we see headlines literally everyday like, “KPMG singled out for declining audit quality.” Or, “Declining in quality’: auditors face scrutiny over string of scandals.” KPMG’s report on GE, “PWC probably did celebrate when it helped Mattel cover up an accounting error.” “PWC would appreciate it if staff would stop getting drunk in the office.” Etc, etc, etc. What about that audit report EY did on Lehman Bros? There is something to be proud of. These guys haven’t produced a product worth a crap in years. Big four people remind me of really religious people. If you have to tell people you are something, you’re probably not.

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