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Becker Finally Gets Around to Recognizing Wake Forest’s CPA Exam Domination

I'm not saying Becker outright snatched this headline from my hands, I'm just suggesting that the timing of this press release is a tad suspect given the fact that NASBA released the candidate performance book in October of last year and the actual Wake Forest press release came out in November but I just got around to covering Wake Forest's CPA exam performance in the last few weeks. Like I said, not saying this means anything, just saying, you know, a shout out or something might be nice.

Why, if this data was available last year, did Becker only just now get around to shooting out a press release a mere handful of weeks after yours truly started digging into the data?

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill  Jan. 24, 2012 – Becker Professional Education, today announced that students of its partner, Wake Forest University, Winston Salem, N.C. achieved the highest pass rate in the nation on the CPA Exam among candidates from nearly 2,000 colleges and universities. Since Wake Forest University began offering Becker’s CPA Exam Review course in 1997, they have earned the top ranking nine times, more than any other university in the country.

“The reason our students have been so successful is that we have outstanding students, a rigorous academic program and an outstanding review class at the end,” said Dale Martin, Wayne Calloway Professor of Accountancy and Coordinator of the Becker/Wake Forest University CPA Review Program. “When I talk with students after they have taken the exam, they almost always say that they didn’t see anything that they hadn’t seen before. I think that is a real tribute to the quality of our programs and Becker’s CPA Exam Review course.”

Isn't that sweet? Now let's check out the Wake press release from way back in November of 2011:

“The MSA program at Wake Forest is known for its rigorous curriculum,” said Jack Wilkerson, Academic Director of Wake Forest Accountancy programs. “High caliber students are attracted to the program and they leave well prepared to serve the profession.”

Wake Forest MSA students complete a for-credit internship during the accounting profession’s “busy season” of January through mid-March. They also serve in a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program to provide tax preparation services to low-income individuals. Consistently, 100% of the program’s graduates accept job offers prior to graduation, with most students receiving multiple offers.

“The accountancy faculty, led by Jack Wilkerson, should be commended for their personal dedication to the success of our students both inside and outside of the classroom. This result would not have been achievable without the focused efforts of our professors and students and the support of our staff, alumni and corporate partners,” said Charles Iacovou, Senior Associate Dean of Faculty, Wake Forest Schools of Business.

Hmmm. Gimme a second to read that again… blah blah blah busy season blah blah job offers blah blah blah personal dedication… wait, no mention of Becker? Not a one?

Anyway, let's just chalk this one up to coincidence. But hey, seriously, Becker, next time at least give a girl a damn what's up or hey girl in your press release, digging through that data wasn't exactly easy.