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Audit Senior at Regional Contemplating Switch to Big 4

So I’m currently an Audit Senior 2 with a large southeast regional firm. Due to the unlikelihood of making manager this year, I’m considering jumping to the Big 4 after busy season. I’ve considered EY due to their larger assurance practice in this area and relationships with recruiters.

I do enjoy the firm I’m with now, have built up a solid reputation and definitely see myself being promoted to manager after next year’s busy season, but the Big 4 just seems to resonate on a resume so much more, and I realize that I’m limiting myself for future industry positions based on the firm I’m with.  I’m not 100% sold on trying to obtain partner status,  and I don’t want to be a regional senior manager, kill myself to try to make partner, fail (as has been the case with several I’ve known) and then take an underwhelming industry gig elsewhere (due to potentially being mid-late 30’s with no previous industry knowledge or skill sets).


Thoughts on the switch from anyone that has done this before? I’ve read through related threads but there aren’t many going back the past few years.


Another scenario – , if I opted to go industry instead (IE secure a senior analyst position – preferably fp&a, in the mid-high 80’s with 10% bonus) would that make more sense than jumping to the big 4 for a few years?