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Audit Partners and MDs Work Much, Much Harder Than Everyone Else at PwC

Saw this in PwC’s 2022 Audit Quality Report and wanted to get the peanut gallery’s opinion on this math:

My first thought is imagine how much worse these numbers would be if you people didn’t eat as many hours as you do. Though judging by this, you’re getting much better at it.

Thoughts? Concerns? Outrage? Have at it in the comments.

19 thoughts on “Audit Partners and MDs Work Much, Much Harder Than Everyone Else at PwC

  1. What a super misleading graphic. They conveniently fail to mention that low level staff often don’t declare overtime worked outside of their contracted hours cause they get in s**t if they do LMAO

  2. Do it again but for charge hours only. Yeah, partners log a ton more hours, it’s just BD getting evening happy hours and weekend golf with clients paid for by the firm. Partners aren’t sitting in front of their computer logging those hours.

    Signed – a partner.

  3. I call bullshit on all of this. Staff don’t work nearly as hard now as they did even 10 years ago. When I send an email to my audit team at night or on a weekend, I almost never get a response until the next business day. There’s no eating hours going on anymore. If anything, staff are charging hours they didn’t work. The inmates now run the asylum at all the big firms, due to the shitty work ethic and lack of caring by staff entering the workforce, and the shortage of talent that is the subject of almost half the articles on this here website now.

    1. Bro, your hard core attitude is what is making it difficult to attract people to become CPAs. The pay is poor and there are people like you that expect 50 or 60 hour work weeks just because it’s the big 4. Knowing darn well that 25% of your people are going to quit every year because they can make more money working for minimum wage in half the states.
      Start paying people properly and treating them with respect. Remember your staff isn’t your staff. They work for the firm and probably five other people just like you.

  4. Given manager and below are told not to log all their hours I mimick the other comments and say this is incorrect.

  5. 349/52 = 6.7 hours per week over 40 hr weeks. So they take a 1.5 hour much, book to a client, call it work! Not really working more than the associates… Get a real title… Partner takes paid luck break, calls it work.

  6. What a load of **click-bait**.

    First, you’re only looking at Audit so may want to correct the title…”…work much, much harder than everyone else IN AUDIT at PWC”

    Relatedly, the idea that audit staff work similar hours to transaction advisory staff or strategy is funny to me…having seen both sides, they don’t. I do consistently get a kick out of reading about audit folks complaining about 50-hour work weeks.

    Yes, the pay’s better on the transaction/strategy, but the hourly rate may be worse.

  7. What a misleading stats. Why didn’t mentioned junior and entry level staff’s hours? That’s make approx 47 hours per week, approx 1.4 hours daily. However junior staffs are easily expected for staying 1-2 hours daily.

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