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ANR: Scott London, U.S. Attorney Have Different Ideas About a Prison Sentence; AICPA, NASBA, Prometric Pretty Proud of Themselves; Millennials’ Fantasy Workplace | 04.09.14

U.S. Attorney Asks Judge for Three Year Sentence for Former KPMG Partner [WSJ]
Scott London was looking for something a little less than that: "Harland Braun, Mr. London's attorney, has requested a sentence of probation for his client, with no jail time. Mr. Braun said in an interview Tuesday that the government's recommendation was too harsh and that prosecutors were looking only 'at the stupid acts (Mr. London) did that were inconsistent with the rest of his life.' "

AICPA, NASBA, Prometric reflect on decade of computer-based CPA testing [AT]
Let Barry Melancon tell you how excited he is about this 10 year anniversary: "With a commitment to keep the profession on the forefront and with an eye to continually attract the best young professionals to the CPA profession, the AICPA, NASBA, and Prometric worked to convert the CPA Examination from a pencil-and-paper administered exam to a leading edge computer-based testing model ten years ago, setting a global standard on how accountancy professionals should be tested."

Gov. Scott Walker signs 62 bills into law Tuesday [Fox6]
Including Assembly Bill 669, that "[r]equires applicants for a CPA license to first have completed 120 of the 150 required hours of school before they can take the CPA licensure exam."

Nothing exonerates PwC for coming up with such a ludicrous name [MarketingWeek]
Here's another opinion on "Strategy&": "It may strike the right tone with new clients but imagine calling your new dog ‘Knockers’ because it amuses your mates in the pub. In that case, one cheap, sexist laugh comes at the expense of looking like a lunatic for the next decade as you walk the parks and gardens of your local area shouting “Knockers!” at the top of your voice. The lesson here: a small initial upside can result in a spectacularly long period of downsides when it comes to naming."

Millennials’ View of the Workplace Is Fantasy [CFO]
Says a harumphy Stanford professor: "[T]he generation of current workers born from about 1980 to the mid-1990s — tend to have 'this belief that we are all living in some postmodernist, egalitarian, merit-based paradise and that everything is different in companies now,' Pfeffer says in the article. 'But in reality, it’s not.' "

A week before Tax Day, IRS misses crucial Windows XP deadline [WaPo]
Because of course they're running XP: "The agency is 'struggling' to find $30 million dollars to complete its move to Windows 7, according to Rep. Ander Crenshaw (R. – Fla.), chairman of the financial services and general government subcommittee. During a hearing on IRS budget Monday, Crenshaw questioned why the agency had not prioritized the move 'even though Microsoft announced in 2008 that it would stop supporting Windows XP past 2014.' "

New Marijuana Study Says Everyone Knows You're High And You'll Likely Be Stoned Forever [Onion]

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