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The AICPA Found That Crippling Student Loans Can Be a Real Drag

The "duh" comes from AICPA Insights:

According to a new survey conducted for the AICPA by Harris Interactive, only 39% fully understood the burden student loan debt would place on the future and 60% have at least some regret over the choice of education financing.  Furthermore, 75% have made a personal or financial sacrifice–such as delaying a home purchase and postponing marriage and children–because of monthly student loan payments. The press release includes tips for parents and students on both saving for college and managing loan payments. The below 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy infographic, Realities & Regrets of Student Debt, highlights the findings.

And there's a nice fancy infographic to accompany it:

Of course, you guys decided to be financial professionals when you grew up so you don't have these kinds of problems. You save by wearing the same cheap blue shirt every other day, drive a 1995 Honda Accord and steal leftovers out of the office fridge to save a few bucks on lunch. Right?