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AICPA Announces 2019 CPA Exam Score Release Dates

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Alright, kids, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. 2019 CPA exam score release dates are not only out (they’ve actually been out for a hot minute) but have been announced by the AICPA, meaning they’re probably pretty much set. By “set,” I of course mean as set as they possibly can be. The AICPA examinations team and I’m sure whoever runs the NASBA Twitter account would probably appreciate it if I remind you that sometimes delays can and do happen, so although these dates are generally reliable, they are not absolute.

As promised by your benevolent overlords at the AICPA, score releases are coming more frequently in 2019 as the 2018 schedule was merely them fine-tuning CPA exam changes deployed that year. Looks like everything went as planned and they can move forward in confidence without further torturing CPA exam candidates testing resulting in score release holds.

2019 CPA Exam Score Releases

If spreadsheets are more your thing (LOL, who am I talking to), here’s a handy one.

As is tradition around these parts, we will continue to announce score releases just before they are expected to occur, and offer tips and tricks to recover after failure in the days that follow because shit happens. Plan accordingly!