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Accounting News Roundup: So, How About Those Tax Returns? | 11.09.16

Has Donald Trump released his tax returns?

Nope! And I'm not sure you heard or not, but Donald Trump — the same Donald Trump who's done all this — is President-elect of the United States. I know many of you were hoping that this section of ANR would end today, but against all odds, it will carry on until he releases them, they're leaked or I'm thrown in prison as an enemy of the state. The moral of the story is, don't take predictions on The Simpsons lightly.

Uh, now what?

Well, I think most people are still in a state of shock, but one thing is for sure — The SEC is still two commissioners short and they likely won't be confirmed during the lame duck session. Mary Jo White is expected to step down as chair of the SEC and her successor will need to decide whether or not to replace PCAOB chairman James Doty. Doty's term expired back in October and his fellow member Jeanette Franzel's ended last month.

Elsewhere: Tony Nitti writes over at Forbes about what to expect with taxes under a…ugh… Trump Presidency. And markets have calmed down. For now.

Previously, on Going Concern…

Grant Thornton felt the need to remind us that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were the two most unpopular presidential candidates in history. And in Open Items, someone is concerned about a haunting mistake after receiving 3 Big 4 internship offers.

In other news:

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