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Accounting News Roundup: IASB Chairman Won’t Converge at ‘All Costs’; Phony IRS Agent Racks Up $55k Hotel Bill; Stuy Town to Become “Trump Town”? | 01.29.10

IASB plans no fair value changes for EU-chairman [Reuters]
Sir David Tweedie has put his foot down again, so listen up. The IASB is not going to bend over backwards for you, the EU, or the FASB when it comes to fair value, get it? The world is at stake here. You non-knights out there need to just BTFU and let the man do his job. Tweeds told reporters in Brazil that the EU can stick it, “‘We cannot always allow Europe to tell us what to do. This is global. We are the IASB, not the European accounting standard board'” Got it?

You too, FASB. SDT said that he won’t converge accounting standards at ‘all costs,’ because he knows not everybody likes to place nice and seems to be okay with that. The man has short-timer’s so he doesn’t really care what you do. Have a nice life, Bob Herz.

Woman charged with posing as IRS agent [San Francisco Chronicle via The Tax Lawyer’s Blog]
Sheryl Lynn Vertoch had been staying at the Inn Marin Hotel in Novato, California for over seven years telling the staff there that she was an IRS agent. Among her many adventures working in fantasyland, were testifying in the Enron case and being only one of six IRS agents that could investigate large public companies.

This all sounded good enough for the staff at Inn Marin, until Ms. Vertoch couldn’t pay her bill starting in 2008. The story was the IRS was getting stingy and wasn’t going to pay her until her current investigation was over. The owner of the hotel — finally fed up with an apologetic IRS — phoned the cheapskates up to complain because this was an outrage to hang this hardworking federal employee out to dry.

The IRS blew Vertoch’s “cover” and she’s now been arrested for impersonating a federal employee and she’s got a $55,000 hotel bill to deal with.

Trump says he’ll jump at StuyTown takeover [NYP]
The Post is reporting that Stuy Town may become Trump Town, although it’s not entirely clear where we’ll see the iconic Trump name on the equally iconic brick buildings. The Donald joins many other high profile investors interested in the property including Wilbur Ross and WinnCompanies. One thing is for sure, whoever comes out top in this thing will certainly have no trouble following the Tishman/BlackRock fiasco.

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