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Accounting News Roundup: Get Over Our Messy Tax Code; Uncovering Restatements; Your Bad LinkedIn Photo | 10.10.14

Our Misguided Obsession with the Tax Code [HBR]
FYI: "Yes, we have a nutty corporate tax code, and we should fix it. But the corporate tax code most likely isn’t the main reason why U.S. median incomes have stagnated or job growth has been anemic. Other things matter more."

Britain won’t let companies bury their accounting missteps in bulky reports anymore [Quartz]
Restatements in plain (Queen's) English: "The new policy won’t suddenly reveal juicy market-moving information, given that offending companies will only be revealed in the FRC’s annual report, which will probably come out long after a restatement is made. It will, however, flag that something might be amiss with the quality of a company’s internal controls or the aggressiveness of its accounting policies. It will serve as a handy one-stop shop for information that is otherwise shrouded in dense legalese."

Business e-filing on the rise [The Hill]

Your LinkedIn Photo Might Be Why You Aren't Getting Hired [FC]
This isn't Instagram.

SEC could be missing hundreds of laptops, inspector warns [Fortune]
In a sample of 488, "24 laptops couldn’t be accounted for, while incorrect user information was listed for about 22% of the laptops and incorrect location information was found for 17% of the sample size."

Based on his fantasy stats, they should lock Brady up with this guy:


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