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Accounting News Roundup: CEOs, Oscars and Accounting Firm M&A | 12.05.16


EY's Mark Weinberger is among the gaggle of CEOs who will be part of the new President's Strategic and Policy Forum. I'm sure he never imagined his political experience would result in consulting with a reality TV star/Twitter boor/President, but life does have its funny ways. We fully expect to see #MAGA on your tweets, Mark.


Apparently it's not too early for PwC to promote its most famous and lucrative counting exercise. "This is truly a career in which you can find yourself buried deep in regulations one minute and then standing next to athletes, artists, actors and talk show hosts the next," is among the gushier sentences. But reading it did lead me to this tweet of one PwC partner mugging with the Soup Nazi, so I'm grateful for that.


Now's about the time of year when accounting firm M&A starts going bonkers. Top 20 firm Wipfli, known to be a serial buyer, announced one on Friday. We love a good M&A rumor, so if you're in the loop or have wild ideas, let us know.

Adventures in Non-GAAP accounting

From CalcBench, Qualcomm made the same mistake that FedEx did and got its non-GAAP reconciliation backwards.

Previously, on Going Concern…

On Friday, I called attention to a hand-wringing article from the AICPA on texting with clients. I suppose it's about time you started adding disclaimers to those texts, just to be on the safe side.

In Open Items, someone is wondering about an MST from GGU.

In other news:

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