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Accounting News Roundup: Boomerang Auditors and Another Cloud Accounting Startup | 08.24.15

Ed. note: Happy Monday, number huggers. I'm on the road most of this week so posting may be light. Drop us accounting newsy links and tips in our inbox or keep yourselves entertained by submitting an Open Item.  

The August stock slide, explained [Vox]
Right or wrong, as Greg once said, people expect you to know this crap.

Deloitte partners share £593m profit pool as consultancy revenues surge [The Guardian]
The UK firm's partners earned an average of £822k, up 10% from last year.

Internal Revenue Service Sued by Taxpayers Over Data Breach [Bloomberg]
Two unhappy women in Texas are inviting anyone else affected to join in their suit.

Simon Collins, chairman, KPMG UK: in search of the right note [FT]
Collins believes audit isn't dead and that "being hired to audit a high-profile brand is good for a firm’s reputation, and essential for dev­eloping its people and its advisory skills."

Japan’s cloud accounting startup Freee raises $30M at $250M valuation ahead of IPO [VentureBeat]
The company claims to be the "market leader" in Japan. Freee plans an IPO in the next 2-3 years.

T.I. and Tiny owe the IRS over $4.5M in unpaid taxes [NYP]
The figures in the article add up to $4.6 million, but this is the Post, so close enough.

‘Boomerang’ Auditors Make Better Fraud Detectives, Experiment Shows [CFO]
That is, those auditors who become CFOs and then return to auditing.

Bernie Sanders Endorsed by Deez Nuts [Gawker]
For the Democratic nomination; John Kasich is the lucky duck in the GOP. Deez Nuts still endorses himself for the general election.