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Accounting News Roundup: Accountants Prefer Handshakes to Retweets; New PCAOB Member Needed; State Corporate Tax Rates | 05.24.11

Evidence Said to Tie Ex-I.M.F. Chief to Housekeeper [NYT]
Evidence from the work clothes of a hotel housekeeper matched DNA samples taken from Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former managing director of the International Monetary Fund who has been charged with sexually assaulting her, a person briefed on the matter said Monday. The test results were consistent with what law enforcement officials have said about the account provided by the woman, the person briefed in the matter said.

FAF Unveils New Accounting Review Process [CFO Journal]
The Financial Accounting Foundation unveiled a new process for reviewing financial accounting rules on Friday, but some observers wonder if the process will undermine the independence of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, and give greater weight to the needs of filers and their consultants, rather than the investing public the rules were meant to serve.

Accountants shun social media when attracting clients [Accountancy Age]
Less than one in ten accountants use social media as a main means of attracting clients, according to a survey by the CCH IT company and YouGov. At its annual conference, CCH said that, even with the vast technological advances, “traditional” and “conventional” methods such as face to face meetings continued to dominate the way accountants draw in new clients.

Democrats request $15 million for taxpayer aid program [The Hill]
House Democrats are urging appropriators to include $15 million in a bill to expand and strengthen services provided to low- and moderate-income taxpayers through matching grants to Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) centers.

Are the Feds Going Insane? [WCF]
When people start snooping around your illegal activities, just conduct an internal investigation to get them to back off.

Wanted: a New PCAOB Member [The Summa]
Dan Goelzer’s term wraps in October. Feel free to throw your hat in the ring.

State Corporate Income Tax Rates [Tax Foundation]

Why Obama’s Corporate Tax Reform Will Fail []
A large reduction in the U.S. corporate tax rate is inevitable. It can’t miss when proponents have an easy-to-understand talking point: The United States will soon have the highest corporate tax rate in the world. If it weren’t for the Japanese earthquake, we would already have the number one spot.

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