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Accounting News Roundup: Internet Taxes and 50-year Frauds | 03.06.18

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Trump Administration Backs Internet Taxes at U.S. Supreme Court [Bloomberg]
SCOTUS will hear arguments in South Dakota v. Wayfair on April 17th.

Where Corporate Taxes Are Poised to Rise Because of Tax Overhaul: States [WSJ]
Richard Rubin reports on an Ernst & Young study that estimates state corporate-tax bases will increase 12 percent over the next decade as a result of the new federal tax law. What a corporation’s taxable income will be in each state is another matter entirely, however. “We’ve got 50 states with 50 different ways of doing things,” an EY SALT guy said.

Drury steps down as Xero CEO [AT]
Steve Vamos, a former CEO of Microsoft Australia, will succeed Xero founder Rod Drury as CEO of the cloud accounting software company.

Kobe Steel admits data fraud went on nearly five decades, CEO to quit [Reuters]
Last year, the company revealed that it supplied products with phony specifications to over 600 customers worldwide. Apparently, this all started in the early 1970s and although the U.S. Justice Department is investigating, the company’s finances are “unscathed.”

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