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Accounting graduate, can’t secure a job in accounting

I’m looking for some career advice. I graduated in May with my BS in accounting and have not been able to secure a decent job.

I graduated Summa cum Laude (3.83 / 4.0 GPA) with 150 credits. I attended an AACSB accredited school. While not a first tier university, the school is widely recognized in the state as having an excellent business curriculum, and all of the big 4 and most of the national and regional firms frequently recruit graduates. I was active in several organizations on campus, including holding a leadership role for one year, and I have some work experience in tax.

I feel like I’ve done everything right, and yet I was unsuccessful in securing an internship, and I am now unsuccessful in securing a job. I’ve had numerous interviews. I’ve pretty much exhausted all my options at this point.

I ended up accepting a position in financial analysis that I absolutely hate and that required me moving to Baltimore (which I was not thrilled about) just because I needed the money and this was the only offer I received. Now I am absolutely miserable. I had to uproot my whole life  to accept this job that I hate. I spend everyday applying to jobs in the city of my choice with no success.

I just can’t figure out why all my classmates have secured amazing jobs in accounting but not me. I think maybe its because I’m a bit socially awkward and ugly. But I try my best in the interview and go in well prepared.

Is there something I can do differently? Is there any hope at all?