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Accounting News Roundup: A Murder of Crowes and Bad Legal Advice | 05.10.18

Crowe drops Horwath from its brand [AT]
Over 200 member firms around the world will now be known as “Crowe,” and I suppose that collectively, they will be known as “a murder of Crowes” which is cool-sounding but perhaps a little too terrifying to actually put into practice. Still, just for fun, let’s try working it into the murder’s new CEO David Mellor’s statement:

“Our Murder of Crowes is consistently recognized for their market-leading expertise and I am proud to say 2017 was no exception,” Mellor said in a statement. “The Murder will thrive in a rapidly changing world through our clear strategic vision, new common brand and the commitment of our Murder. Murder of Crowes brings smart decisions that deliver lasting value to clients, talent, and the communities where we live and work. ”

Despite the grisly thoughts it might bring to your mind, I think it actually improves the statement a bit.

Trump Lawyer Received $500,000 From Firm Linked to Russian Oligarch [WSJ]
If you’ve been following the saga of Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, you’re likely aware that he’s the type of lawyer whose competence is on the same level of Lionel Hutz. Which is why this news from a memo published by Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti is so perplexing:

The Avenatti memo also said Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd. made a $150,000 payment to Mr. Cohen in November 2017. Korea Aerospace said it hired Essential for legal counseling regarding U.S. accounting standards.

“Essential” is Cohen’s ambiguously named business “Essential Consultants, LLC” and the idea that a bagman like Cohen had a company that provided “legal counseling regarding U.S. accounting standards” is laughable, but also par for the course in this story. Anyway, if someone from Korea Aerospace is reading, I’ll gladly provide comparable services for half that price. Yes, that infers that I’m at least as half as good of a lawyer as Michael Cohen without actually being a lawyer. The offer stands.

Why It’s a Good Time to Look for a Job [WSJ]
The number of unfilled jobs rose to a record high of 6.55 million at the end of March, and plenty of them are in accounting:

The largest growth in job openings over the year came in the business services category. There were 193,000 more available positions in the broad field that includes accountants, software developers, temporary staffers and other office workers.

Let’s prepare ourselves for the complaints about talent crisis to get louder over the next few months.

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