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September 27, 2023

tough love

a walmart cart in a parking lot

Accounting Career Conundrums: Disappointed Auditor’s Laziness Is Showing

Here is another career inquiry sent to [email protected]. I confirmed with Caleb that none of the text was lost when it was transmitted to me. Staff auditor w/$40,000 pay approaching 6 years at small firm that does complex alphabet soup audits.  Boss says not to come in early and not to stay late, created rules […]

an orange cat in glasses lying on a book

Get Answers to Your Accounting Career Questions While the Getting Is Good

Have you recently thought to yourself, “Man, this Going Concern team is a sharp bunch. I wonder if they can advise me on my disaster of a job/career/life?” Yes! We! Can! Will it be good advice? That’s debatable. Still beats asking your narcissistic friends, though. Email us at [email protected] and one of career suicide prevention […]

leaving your Big 4 job too early

Accounting Career Conundrums: Should I Quit My Big 4 Job After Only a Year?

In this week’s episode of Accounting Career Conundrums, a reader ponders leaving her job at a large firm with less than a year of experience.