How he came to this odd conclusion isn’t clear.

Donald Dunklee, a Richfield Township, Michigan, resident, says the sale of $23 worth of vegetables from his garden was enough to trigger an IRS audit.

“I understand the needs of the IRS to keep the honest people honest so to speak, but this seems like overkill to me,” Dunklee tells Michigan television news provider WEYI.

Dunklee operates a nearby drugstore and generates all the energy for his 20-acre home, the news source says. After haggling with the woman, Dunklee says he refused to take $50 for the food and instead the woman shoved $23 money into his pocket. He later reported this on his income taxes.

Another report says the whole thing went off without a hitch but Don Dunklee still felt like it was “a huge waste of time and resources.” (That’s a new one.) The Service, however, claims it was just a random audit. Right, like we’re supposed to believe that the IRS isn’t secretly mining 1040s for “hippie vegetable farmer income” to help fill the tax void.