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Small accounting firms

Small accounting firms

To Most Accounting Students, Small Accounting Firms Don’t Exist

Here’s a fun article by Marc Rosenberg about “how totally uninformed young accountants are about CPA firms.” Now, you might think that this is one of those condescending KIDS TODAY posts, but it’s actually pretty self-aware. Rosenberg offers a picture of a profession that has an enormous perception problem, citing some pretty surprising examples. He […]

If You Are a Partner in an Accounting Firm With No Succession Plan, You Are the Problem

Among the colossal misconceptions that many accounting firms make is that there is a lack of talent to succeed the generation of owners and partners. We've talked about this in the past and the problem is that the "talent" desired is not real. Back here in the present, people are still worried about succession and […]

Intern Weighs Betraying a Small Firm for the Big 4

Suffering from Big 4 burnout? Want ideas for your Sarbanes-Oxley 10th anniversary celebration? Need help making a smart the least stupid choice at the vending machine? Email us your questions and let us feel your pain. Hi GC,   Looking for some advice. I am interning at a small firm and I am 95% sure I will […]