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Exposure Drafts: A CPA’s Thanksgiving Prayer

Exposure Drafts is thankful for all the irony in the accounting profession. Send comments and suggestions to [email protected].

Partner Names: Coming to an Audit Near You in 2017

After nearly seven years since the first concept release, the SEC approved the PCAOB's rules for disclosing the names of audit engagement partners and other participating firms. You can read the entire SEC order if you find the securities regulation apparatus fascinating. Personally, I think it's interesting that another round of comments is allowed prior […]

Hedge Funds Whoring It Up With Accounting Firms Because They Have To

Well this is interesting. You know KPMG is sitting back saying "who is the joke of the Big 4 NOW, biatch?!" Anyone could have snapped up Rothstein Kass, but KPMG got there first. As it turns out, hedge funds are a big business for all accounting firms thanks to PTA new regulations that require qualified […]