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PwC Survey: Working People to Death Might Cause Them to Quit Their Jobs

Shocking survey results out of PwC today as the firm announced that overworking staff increases turnover at law firms. If you can believe that.

There is a “strong correlation” between staff turnover and chargeable hours at law firms, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Numbers released as part of their annual survey of the sector show that the top ten law firms have average turnover rates of 17-18%.
According to the accountancy firm, reducing turnover to less than 10% can reduce costs by £32,000 per equity partner.

In semi-ironic and related news, a bunch of bitter Big 4 employees finally decided over the Thanksgiving holiday that they would be leaving their respective firms because they are sick of the hours.

Irony in the Daily CPA Letter

From a reader:

Here are two headlines, in this order, on CPA Daily Letter this morning. Fannie Mae decides to rent to people that are currently not able to pay their mortgage? Peaked my interest and made me ask the question, “WHAT?” Then, I scrolled down and read the second headline…and then thought…well, yeah…that would be the necessary outcome…time for a new business model anyone?

Picture 2.png
While the reader has a good point (i.e. Fannie Mae is still a giant shitshow and should seriously consider going back to the drawing board) we’re more curious as to who over at the CPA Letter has the sense of humor. Then again, it could be one giant coincidence.