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Note: Puke Is Not Among Prohibited Items at Prometric

As many of you know, we try to stay up on the haps in the land of MCQ and TBSs by playing Twitter detective, stalking the CPAnet forums and, of course, reading CPA exam candidate blogs. One of our favorites has always been Sleep on CPA due to her positive attitude and willingness to share her experience in its rawest form, disasters and all.

So we couldn’t pass up the chance to share her BEC experience with you all when we read it. Remember the candidate who got into it with Prometric over gum-chewing? That was nothing compared to this:

As it was not month end, I was the only one who was sitting for CPA Exam. I watched another exam guy who was debating rules with the staff over his exam code not working and there was no one who could help him with that. After answering all his questions a staff member came to me and collected my ID and NTS. I removed my items and locked them and went in. Then I was told to remove scarf. She checked my ID and asked me to sign in and then she asked me to go back and lock my NTS after I entered my launch code on the paper booklet. Then I told her about my nausea and asked her how should I proceed in case I want to throw up. She looked at me as if I was asking some thing illegal. She said, as you are not a candidate with special needs I cannot allow you to sit in a special needs room. I asked,” Can I leave the room If I have some emergency? She said “you can throw up beside you, we will clean later.

I really had no reaction on my face when she said that. I asked, Do we have any waste basket inside? She said, No we don’t keep waste baskets inside. There is nothing we can do about it. She discussed with another lady and said, We cannot provide you the room with special needs, you should sit in the same room and there is nothing we can do. You can only take breaks in between your test-lets. After appearing in this exam more times than I passed.. Excuse me I know Prometric rules..

I prayed God and with all the prayers of my friends and family members, I felt better and the whole exam went well. I was little tired but that’s OK.

It goes without saying that we’re glad Rose didn’t actually hoark all over the floor and actually, we’re kind of surprised this is the first we’re hearing a story like this. Maybe most of you do the responsible thing and puke in the parking lot or in your locker, lest you compromise the security of the CPA exam by eating your homework books ahead of time and barfing out time value of money charts during your exam.

We are all for reasonable security measures but really?! Shouldn’t there at least be a designated puke bucket that Prometric staff can sign in and out?

Do you have a bizarre CPA exam story to share? Need advice on which part to take? Feeling like you need to vent? Get in touch, I’m here to hold back your hair.

Office Depot Loses Tax Credits; CFO May Have Lost His Lunch

Office Depot CFO Mike Newman can’t handle – CAN’T HANDLE – the bad news handed down by the IRS:

“I’m sick about it,” Newman said of the mistake the company and its advisors made in thinking Office Depot could use tax credits of $80 million last year and $63 million this year, calling the mistake his responsibility. Office Depot and its tax advisors believed the company was eligible to use prior losses to get tax credits under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, but the IRS told the company that other tax rules superseded the ones under which Office Depot was using to determine eligibility.

Of course we’d love to know who this “advisor” is that Newman is referring to. Since Deloitte earned over $589k in tax fees for fiscal year ’10 you could conclude that he’s referring to D. It’s certainly possible that it’s someone else so we invite you to come up with some theories.

Office Depot Off; Explains Impact Of IRS Tax-Credit Denial [Dow Jones]