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career switch to accounting

Switching Careers? Building the One You Have? Why Accounting is the Answer

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to switch to a new career. Or maybe you just need to upgrade within your current company or industry. Either way, you’re looking to make a move that will provide you with opportunities to advance and enough potential to keep you satisfied. >> Download our guide “The Career Switcher’s Checklist” […]

should i get a MAC

How a Graduate Degree in Accounting Really Pays Off

You’ve decided that graduate school is the best way to bolster your resume, expand your career options, and, perhaps, move up the corporate ladder. Now what? The list of potential graduate degrees can seem intimidating – MAC, MBA, JD, MS, and more. How do you find the degree that makes sense to you financially and […]

Sponsored: What Do You Really Want to Do After Graduation?

Please enjoy this content brought to you by Benedictine University. Deciding what you want to do after graduation can be daunting –- not unlike knowing how to answer at age twelve the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” But while the latter question doesn’t have to be answered, the question […]