If you’re a student of Kylnveldian history – and we know that you are – the fact that KPMG has been auditing the Royal Household’s accounts since before Liz was born doesn’t surprise you. For those of us that weren’t aware of this KPMG fun fact, this is just adds a little more to the blue square mysitque.

Anyway, being the classy gal that she is, Her Majesty showed up last Friday to help mark the opening of the new KPMG building in Canary Wharf. And not only was she thrilled to be there, she surprised KPMG leadership with her affability and interest in the work that non-royals do:

John Griffith Jones said: “She genuinely seemed interested in what we do, especially our charity work and the building’s green credentials. She made a funny comment about Crossrail being delayed and also asked about our role during the crisis.”

Senior partner Eddie Donaldson said the firm was in a “unique position” independently auditing the royal accounts which use public and private money. “The team already see it as a privilege to work on the accounts in the first place and then to meet the Queen was a very special moment in their careers.”

And because she’s concerned about the serious issues out there, Jones was also quoted, “she was very interested to know how many people we had working on the banks.”

The possibility that Queen Elizabeth probably knows more about KPMG than Dick Bové should not be lost on anyone.