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community service

Non-Profit Involvement: You Give and You Get

You are involved in the community for all the right reasons. You are giving back and helping others. You’ve also heard it’s a path into the higher echelons of the local business community and a way to get business. How does this happen? WIIFM – What’s In It for Me?You are in the country club […]

What Does ‘Getting Involved’ at a Non-Profit Really Mean?

People are taught: “One way of getting new business is getting involved at a non-profit.” You should be getting involved for different reasons, specifically a belief in the cause and a desire to give back to your community,but it can lead to business. So what does “getting involved" actually mean? It doesn’t stop at joining. […]

How to Make an Impact at a Nonprofit

People join nonprofits for lots of reasons. Often it’s from a desire to give back to the community or passionately support a cause. Other times a person is new to the community and wants to make some connections. This often leads a membership in a local business organization. People exclusively looking for clients might join […]