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The Monthly Close: Balancing The Death Star’s Books

The month of June provided Greg Kyte and his troupe with plenty of material. For this close, they cover Rand Paul's desire to blow up the tax code, those lame accountant trading cards, the Vatican's first auditor, KPMG's role in the FIFA scandal and Death Star accountants. You can check out the jokes that hit […]

The Monthly Close: That Clinton Foundation Accountant Really Blew It

Every comedian on Earth is praying for another Clinton presidency.   This month, Greg Kyte and his merry band of joke artisans cover: The IRS's courting of Millennials A disallowed Snickers expense The teacher who had students help her with tax returns  The Clinton Foundation tax troubles Iowa's tax credit for prom Check out more […]

The Monthly Close: Accountant Pillow Talk Results in Double-billing

February's Monthly Close is a little late, which isn't unusual this time of year, what with busy season problems, brackets and whatnot. Luckily, we keep squishy deadlines around here. This month Greg Kyte & Co. discuss a Texas guy paying property taxes in ones, IRS technology, Matt Damon doppelgängers, negative billionaires, and accountants banging co-workers.  […]