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Sacramento Accountant Pleads Guilty; Anyone Looking Need a Fleet of Limos?

William “Don’t Call me Carl the Groundskeeper” Murray pleaded guilty in Sacramento late yesterday to thieving more than $13 million from his clients for nearly a decade. Murray used the funds mostly on himself including “a fleet of limousines, 10 hand-woven Persian rugs, expensive celebrity art, luxury cars, a wine locker at Morton’s, The Steakhouse, sports memorabilia and jewelry.”

Okay, so we’re not terribly impressed with Carl’s loot. Rugs that tie the room together? Fine. Celebrity art? Fine. Sport memorabilia is fine if that’s your thing (Chris Webber jock straps?).

But no homes? Boats? Tahoe is 90 minutes away for crissakes. And why on Earth would you buy a fleet of limos? In Sacremento? Does the Governator ride around in stretch Hummers? Is part of California’s perpetual budget nightmare due to members of the legislature splurging on luxury transportation to go to Starbucks?

And a wine locker at Morton’s? Seriously bad choices, Carl. Apparently accountants are good at stealing money (temporarily of course) but only so-so when it comes to spending it.

Sacramento accountant pleads guilty in $13M fraud case [Sacremento Business Journal]