Oh, dear.

Kentucky’s state tourism board approved up to $43 million in tax incentives for the construction of Ark Encounter, a creationist theme park.

The tax rebates, which could subsidize up to 25% of the $150 million project, were granted under the Kentucky Tourism Development Act. The state government’s website says that the act “allows eligible tourism attractions a rebate of sales tax up to 25% of project capitol [sic] costs over a 10 year period,” provided that projects have a positive economic impact.

Ark Encounter will include Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel, an ancient walled city, and other Biblical renditions. A Christian organization called “Genesis in America” heads the project that is scheduled to break ground in August and open in the spring of 2014.

Taxpayers To Build the Ark: Kentucky Grants Creationist Theme Park $43M in Tax Incentives [Time via Tax Foundation]