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September 24, 2023

Monday Morning Accounting News Brief

Headlines and stories from around the accounting profession handpicked by Going Concern editors, published every Monday.

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Unintended Audit Consequences; The IRS Needs Experienced Accountants; PwC AI | 9.18.23

Good morning and welcome back to another Monday, we’ll get through this together. Here’s some news from elsewhere to start your day. Inside PwC’s push to train its workers on AI: PwC is rolling out training on artificial intelligence for 75,000 workers in the US and Mexico so they can find new ways to incorporate […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: PwC Is Turning Work Down?; TIL the President of Nigeria Worked at Deloitte | 9.11.23

Yay it’s Monday again! Praise Pacioli, there’s actually some stuff going on this morning. Meet a 29-year-old accountant whose ‘resentment’ only climbed after her firm raised her salary from $60k to $90k as she made millions for them. She has her own firm now: Stephanie Heredia’s promotion came a year too late and more than […]

Tuesday Morning Accounting News Brief: Getting Roofied at KPMG?; PwC: ‘Burnout Should Be a Concern’ | 9.5.23

Good morning and happy Tuesday. Hope everyone had a nice Labor Day, I had a productive weekend of being AFK at Meat Week (get your minds out of the gutter, it’s Fallout). Let’s get right into it. It is suspected someone spiked a colleague’s drink at a KPMG NZ get together, it isn’t the first […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Accounting Firms Ditch Zoom Interviews; Mississippi’s Best CPA Exam Candidates | 8.28.23

Looking kind of slim out there for news today, to be expected ahead of Labor Day I suppose. Let’s see what we’ve got. Accounting firms across the pond are ditching Zoom interviews, writes Sunday Times: Zoom calls became the norm for business meetings during the pandemic — but accountancy firms, among the biggest graduate recruiters, […]

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Monday Afternoon Accounting News Brief: Stop Calling It an Audit; Deloitters Clean Up Some Trash | 8.21.23

Good morning afternoon and happy Monday to you. This week I’ll be covering the Illinois CPA Society SUMMIT23 so if you want to keep up with all that from the comfort of your home or office go on Twitter. If you’re attending live come find me, I have stickers. Apologies that airport wifi held up […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Eff You, Pay Us; Let’s Complain About Auditing Again; RIP to a Real One | 8.14.23

When you woke up this morning did you let out a big yawn and then ask yourself “how can audit firms respond to ongoing regulatory scrutiny?” Thomson Reuters has your back: The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) released an analysis showing a concerning trend of increased audit deficiencies and noncompliance with PCAOB standards and […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: ‘KPMG Is Worse’ Insists PwC; The Cutest Promotion Press Release | 8.7.23

Good morning and welcome to another edition of the Monday Morning Accounting News Brief, a wrap-up of the stuff you missed over the weekend, some of the stuff we missed last week, and whatever went down on the other side of the world while we were sleeping on Sunday. I’ve used the “AICPA came up […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: ‘Auditors Are Not Lawyers’; Big 4 Break Up? | 7.31.23

Hello and welcome to the last Monday Morning news brief of July. [Insert generic comment about “wow the year is just flying by” here] Let’s get right to it, shall we? PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and EY headed for a break up, says “one of Australia’s most esteemed public servants” in The West Australian: Allan Fels, […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: EY Brings in a Crisis Expert; CEOs Deprioritize Talent in Deloitte Survey | 7.24.23

Monday already? Meh. Well here’s what’s going on. EY is bringing in a crisis advisor to figure out why Project Everest went bust. FT: The Big Four firm has engaged Lord David Gold to examine the process behind Project Everest, which collapsed in April after leaders of its US business blocked the global break-up, according […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Deloitte CEO Says He Doesn’t Deserve His Pay; The Accountant Shuffle | 7.17.23

Australian media is still all up in PwC’s colon, this time it’s telling us that partner pay at PwC Australia is “honestly eye-watering.” Partner pay figures were provided to the Senate as part of an inquiry related to the firm’s sharing of confidential government tax information. It’s understood PwC’s ex-CEO Tom Seymour was the […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Deloitte Goes Big in Boston; Advisory Readies For Pain | 7.10.23

Good morning! Things are still a bit quiet out there what with it being summer and all. Alas the news must go on, here’s what I was able to dig up. Deloitte has signed what’s believed to be Boston’s largest office lease of the year: Deloitte has signed a lease with MP Boston — an […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: PwC Sells Off; Minnesota’s Oldest Woman Accountant | 6.26.23

Welcome to the last Monday morning news brief for the month of June. We’ll have some big layoff news coming this afternoon, if you work there you have already gotten a calendar invite (sorry!). Anyway, here’s what else is going on. Early this morning Reuters published a gruesome timeline of PwC scandals and failures going […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Green Dot Gives Back; More Consulting Cuts Coming? | 6.12.23

Good morning and happy Monday, here we are again. Let’s get this over with. Thousands of Reddit communities have gone dark to protest company’s controversial new API policy. Funny enough Reddit is completely down this morning so I can’t confirm r/accounting is MIA. Edit: Still there and still miserable. Bless your cold little hearts. Deloitte […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: PwC Names Names in Tax Scandal; ‘Your Own Everest’ | 6.5.23

Hello and welcome back to another fabulous week. Here’s what’s going on. PwC Australia has named all 67 people involved in the confidential tax leak in an unpublished letter to lawmakers ahead of parliamentary hearings later this week. Jan Bouwens, Professor of Accounting, Amsterdam Business School, Amsterdam, Netherlands writes a letter to Financial Times suggesting […]

Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: PwC Takes More Ls; Mazars Group Data Breach; Deloitte Expands in India | 5.22.23

Good morning and happy Monday! How’s everyone doing? Let’s start off with a positive post on r/accounting. I had to check the weather report for Hell when I saw it. Current and future accountants, you have a lot to be optimistic about. by u/manthisis in Accounting Moving on, PwC Australia continues to rack up the […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Identical Twins Head to Deloitte; TWO PwC Leaks; VA Tackles 150 | 5.15.23

Good morning and happy Monday! Here’s some stuff happening. Virginia Society of CPAs is tackling the question “is 150 too many?” For nearly the past two decades, prospective CPAs in Virginia have had to undertake 150 hours of education before becoming licensed. But a declining CPA pipeline has accountants asking: Is the 150 now a […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: PwC CEO Resigns Over Tax Scandal; RTO Propaganda; Unproductive Productivity | 5.8.23

Hi! Happy Monday. Here’s some news to get the week started. We’ll be writing this up later but you might as well read about it now, PwC Australia CEO Tom Seymour has stepped down from his post. Financial Times: The head of PwC in Australia has resigned as chief executive three days after admitting that […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Law Firms Celebrate EY’s Failure; PwC ‘Nature Specialists’; UK Tax Scandal | 5.1.23

The EY split is really dead. Were there any doubts? A WSJ exclusive: Leaders of EY’s dominant U.S. and U.K. operations are focused on repairing the damage from the 18-month effort to split the firm’s auditing and consulting operations, known as Project Everest. “My message to everyone about Everest is, it’s behind us,” Kevin Flynn, […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Deloitte Refutes a Demand Shift; Firm Data Breach; KPMG’s New AI Partner | 4.24.23

Good morning and welcome to another Monday. Here are a few stories to whet your appetite for what promises to be a thrilling week in accounting ahead (obligatory /s). Study Finds Negative Impact on Audit Partners who Give Adverse Internal Control Opinions: As regulators review audit independence requirements to figure out whether the rules should […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Intern Retention; Accenture Delays Start Dates; Post-Everest EY Exodus? | 4.17.23

Good morning and happy Monday! Here’s some news. The PCAOB wants to dismiss a lawsuit brought by an anonymous auditor who challenged the board‘s “secret” disciplinary proceedings: Among other reasons, the board noted that John Doe‘s Jan. 19, 2023, suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. But the […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Small Firms Beg For Big 4 Knowledge; FreshBooks Leak; Tech in Lieu of Accountants | 4.10.23

It’s Monday. Yay. Here’s what’s going on. Smaller accounting firms have asked Big 4 to share their expertise [FT]: Smaller rivals have called on the UK’s Big Four accounting firms to share their audit expertise and technology, but partners at the big firms say they fear being accused of breaking competition law if they do […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Bullying at KPMG; Germany Bans EY; It’s All the Firms’ Fault! | 4.3.23

Hey and happy Monday. Let’s get the big news out of the way and work our way down. Daily Mail Australia spoke to a former KPMGer who says she reported bullying and then promptly got fired: Speaking under the condition of anonymity, a 35-year-old woman now claims she was subject to bullying by her colleagues […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Big 4 Consulting Salaries; Accounting For Dummies; PwC Boomerangs | 3.27.23

They just had to use this picture, didn’t they? Alright, here are some other headlines for ya. Deloitte, Accenture, McKinsey: Who Are The Top Consulting Firms For B-School Students? The world’s largest accounting and professional services firms in terms of revenue and workforce, these prestigious firms are renowned for offering high salaries with a generous […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Bad Audit Haunts EY; Big 4 RTO in India; Why Can’t PwC Hire?? | 3.20.23

Hello and happy Monday. Or just Monday, I’m not here to force emotional responses. Here are a few things going on in our little corner of the world. From Forbes’ America’s Best Management Consulting Firms: For the second year in a row, both Bain & Company and Deloitte were the most-recommended consultancies, with star ratings […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: PwC Didn’t Screw Up the Oscars; Deloitte India Doubles in Size; ‘Sham Audits’ | 3.13.23

Hello and Happy Monday! Here’s some stuff going on in our little corner of the world. A former Deloitte partner is suing Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. for disability benefits, saying he’s unable to return to his “highly-demanding” position because of multiple mental health conditions: The lawsuit, filed Thursday in the US District Court for the […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: EY Split Gets Ripped Apart; Advisory Slowdown is Here; KPMG Snubs Promotions | 3.6.23

Good morning and happy Monday! Things were a bit quiet last week as much of the profession currently has their heads down grinding through the best time of the year, this week will likely be much of the same. BDO layoffs were the significant story from last week and may signal the start of a […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: EY Embarrasses Itself (Again); Archaic IRS Tech; Partners Battle It Out | 2.27.23

In Australia, EY is still bungling this one up: EY accidentally leaked the personal details of current and former employees while trying to launch a massive review into the firm’s workplace culture. The Big 4 Accounting firm announced the independent review following the tragic death of EY worker Aishwarya Venkatachalam, 27, who fell to her […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: EY’s New Harassment Case; Who’s Happy in Consulting; Bare Minimum Monday | 2.20.23

Since it’s Monday and all, let’s start with this: ‘Bare Minimum Monday’ is the latest workplace trend hitting productivity We’ll write this one up later: Accounting firm Ernst & Young launches probe into sexual harassment claim filed by Hong Kong employee after allegation goes viral online [South China Morning Post] Employee says she and her […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: Auditor Demand; EYer Not Coming in on Monday; Reentering the Workforce | 2.6.23

Good morning and Happy Monday! Here’s some news to start the week and give you something to talk about around the virtual watercooler. Auditing is the most “in demand” finance career right now according to a new study from CMC Markets, an online trading platform, which analysed monthly Google searches using Ahrefs for jobs within […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: ESG Compliance Heats Up; Deloitte Disclosures; AI Says It Isn’t a Threat | 1.30.23

Deloitte & Touche LLP partners and staffers failed to make financial disclosures required to ensure the independence of their audit work, according to new details from the firm’s 2018 PCAOB inspection. [Bloomberg Tax] Britain’s accounting watchdog said on Monday it will monitor whether auditors were making spot checks on their compliance with environmental, social and […]

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Monday Morning Accounting News Brief: PwC Partner Banned; Salary Predictions; Public Accountants Have Had It | 1.23.23

Last week someone complained about the format I’ve been using for this linkwrap since I started doing it many, many Mondays ago so just for them, here’s some bullet-free bullet points in lieu of one giant paragraph. Don’t say I never did anything for you. Brazilian retailer and PwC client Americanas filed for bankruptcy, its […]