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Somehow Accounting Ended Up on This List of the Highest-Paying College Majors in 2022

old man in a suit in front of a laptop holding a stack of money

CBS News crunched some Payscale data and by some miracle, accounting ranked #52 on this list of the 60 highest-paying majors. Because we anticipate people might ask for proof of this, we have screenshotted accounting’s entry on said list.

a screenshot of a CBS News article about highest-paying college majors


Accounting isn’t just accounting anymore. Experts must perform multiple functions at once — and that’s where the accounting and computer systems major comes in. The median annual salary for people in their early careers is $73,300.

Deb Seigars, seen here, teaches an accounting class at an education center in Portland, Oregon in this 2009 photo.

Ahhh so that’s why, they inexplicably lumped “computer systems” in there. That’s like saying women’s studies and law are a high-paying major. Or performing arts and nuclear engineering.

Carry on.

2 thoughts on “Somehow Accounting Ended Up on This List of the Highest-Paying College Majors in 2022

  1. I do see a lot of people complain about pay when it comes to accounting. I got my CPA in March and am making ~90k (this factors in company provided health ins). Are the people who say they are not being paid CPAs? I just find it hard to believe. Or is it the pay compared to the amount of hours that are put in during busy season? Just curious on thoughts.

  2. I’ve been in accounting for almost 10 years, and make less than the median because I do not have my CPA. Smh
    It’s time to pivot out

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