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AS PREDICTED! Republican Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri could barely wait 48 hours before falsely asserting that the new 5,000 employees at the IRS will all be agents that will be breaking down the doors of every freedom loving American to fleece them for every last dime.

“Don’t call me Clay” Akin was giving Treasury Secretary Geithner a hard time about President Obama’s budget yesterday when he thought it necessary to start calling people – Americans that pay taxes, no less – names:

The back-and-forth began after Akin questioned Geithner about President Obama’s fiscal 2012 budget, which includes spending increases for the IRS that could reportedly lead to thousands of more staffers at the agency. The Missouri congressman said he thought energy might be better spent simplifying the tax code. “Not to mention the fact that it’d make us all look better if we don’t have a goon squad of 5,000 IRS agents tromping around the country with the economy the way it is,” Akin said.

Right. Because you looking good is what’s most important, right Congressman? Geithner, not really impressed with a two-bit fly-over representative giving people in his house shit, tried explaining to him that most of the new employees would work in “customer service or information technology [rather] than enforcement” but this fell on deaf ears:

[T]hat argument did not assuage Akin very much. “’I’m from the IRS. I’m here to help you,’” the congressman said. “That’s hard to sell in the state of Missouri.”

Akin probably didn’t think to ask the employees of the nine IRS locations in Missouri about this. Maybe some of them would be able to explain how, you know, working for the IRS is how they put food on the table, put clothes on their kids, etc. etc. etc. You know, the rhetoric you like to use, Congressman.

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