What's the consequence of not finishing your online learning?

Open ItemsCategory: FirmsWhat's the consequence of not finishing your online learning?
Yukijianyukijian asked 2 years ago

As said in title, I’m Senior at Deloitte and missed one of those virtual learning class and won’t be able to take it again. Just wondering if i’ll get fired over this. 

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Mgoblue0970mgoblue0970 answered 2 years ago

How about asking someone at the firm rather than the forum.
Approach you supervisor and offer them an explanation.  Get in front of stuff rather than waiting for doo doo to roll downhill.
Have you asked the training department if they have a transcript or off line version of the course that you can review separately? 
No details were provided about the course but sometimes these training sessions are a big deal — mostly for compliance, ethics, regulatory reasons; so I don’t know if anyone in here can say if you’ll get fired, but as I mentioned previously, it’s probably best to fess up about missing the training and researching out-of-the-box ways to recover.

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