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AccountantguyAccountantguy asked 3 years ago

I’m currently working in audit, but IT audit and am mainly testing controls on SOC 1s and integrated audits. I desperately want to transfer into accounting advisory. Is it possible for me to network with the right individuals and be able to make the transfer directly, or would I need to move into audit first? I would ideally like to not have to move around too much. I have my CPA and an MBA (not from an outstanding school). I’ve been in my current position for only 5 months and I would consider making the transfer at 9-10 months. I would stay longer but I just feel so underutilized so using any of the knowledge I have of accounting.

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MelanieCPAMelanieCPA answered 2 years ago

Hi Accountantguy,
It sounds like you’d like to migrate from a specialty role into a more general role. If so, then I have some questions.
Why are you feeling underutilized? Is there a way to address this problem without leaving the department? For example, can you volunteer for projects that allow more visibility and exposure to other areas of accounting? Networking is best done when you demonstrate value and other departments take notice of your contribution to the company. 
I do not recommend trying to move to a new role when you have been in a position for less than a year. It usually takes 6 months to a year just to get fully trained in your role. Leaving before that point sends a message that you don’t know how persevere or are impatient. Specialty roles have their pros and cons, but I’m thinking you can accomplish your goal and without leaving your position. 
Looking forward to your responses. In the meantime, I think this interview may be of interest to you: https://www.rogercpareview.com/blog/key-fulfilling-career-and-life

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