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CPAPizzaCPAPizza asked 3 years ago

Not sure this post will even get many replies, the trend seems to be lots of views but no replies. I’ll throw it out there anyway. I am a newly commissioned CPA and going to be starting with a Big4 firm here in a few months. I interned with a Big4 firm that touted its “work-life” balance, but the reality seemed to be the opposite. I understand that the first few years of a Big4 career is like baptism-by-fire, it’s more beneficial to be in the office with the support than to be working remotely. Is working remotely an option in the future? Are my chances better doing Tax vs. Audit or another service line? 
Any advice, opinions, or insights are appreciated.

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BeyondfateBeyondfate answered 3 years ago

Majority or all of the 4 give you a personal work laptop or tablet the first day so yeah, remote is an option but definitely not full time. Work a year or so and they might be lenient on sending you home on occasion. 

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SludgemonkeySludgemonkey answered 3 years ago

I was able to go sturgeon fishing and review workpapers from the middle of Lake Winnebago, I worked for CLA at the time and they provided the tech to make this work. Got a monster too. 

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