September 27, 2020

Registration and Permission issues should now be resolved.

Open ItemsCategory: MetaRegistration and Permission issues should now be resolved.
Kyle Schmitzkls0318 asked 2 years ago

We’ve had some Open Items issues come up during our transition to the new site.

First, registering and activating your account was bugged. It would tell you your account was active but wouldn’t let you login because it was not active. That issue should now be resolved. Check your spam folder for your activation email in case it went there.

Second, some of you may get an alert that says “You do not have permission to view questions.” If you get this error, please reach out to me at kyle @ Going forward no new Users should experience this issue.

I appreciate your patience. I know change can be frustrating at first.


3 Answers
Kyle Schmitzkls0318 answered 2 years ago

There was also an issue with profile photo uploading that is now resolved.

SmallFry answered 2 years ago
SludgemonkeySludgemonkey answered 2 years ago

I never ask for permission. I go for the win and ask for forgiveness later.  They always enjoy my 11” and no one has suggested otherwise.

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