September 26, 2021

Engelbert + Deloitte Partnership Election

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Caleb NewquistCaleb Newquist Staff asked 3 years ago

All this talk about Cathy Engelbert’s status as Deloitte’s CEO reminded me of this 2011 post on GC about an angry who told us about the election process at the firm, calling it a “farce”:

The thing is that these leaders represent our firm, manage our firm, and control our collective destinies. They also rig the elections. And they then tout, continuously, the importance of the “Sense of Partnership.” The truth is that Deloitte is not run like a partnership. Yes, the partners have capital at risk, we are owners of the “Firm.” But, we are not appropriately represented. We lack a true collective voice. We keep quiet for the “good of the Firm.” And, we are now going to embark on a new “BOLD LEADERSHIP” move that is being done to passify all the various interests of our firm (Consulting, Audit and Tax). The thing is – we don’t attempt to have our partners select the BEST leaders – but simply the leaders that a select few believe fit a set of criteria that are BEST for us ignorant partners.

It stands to reason that lots of Deloitte partners still feel this way, but I’m surprised that more leaks haven’t occurred since the WSJ story. Maybe they figure that that one story was enough to wake the firm’s board up, dunno. People in the know should speak up.

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PineapplePineapple answered 3 years ago

“We keep quiet for the good of the firm” is so true at Deloitte. 
I wonder if that ‘keep quiet’ culture is also how the recent sexual assault allegation was ‘covered up’.

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