September 22, 2021


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YoungbloodYoungblood asked 1 year ago

I’m a senior accounting student.  In the top of my class, BAP president, etc.  I’m personable, and good at explaining accounting concepts to those unaware.
Is it a terrible idea for me to start an outsourced accounting/bookkeeping firm?  And are there any ways for me to get my states 2000 hrs under a CPA without having to quit?  Maybe find a tax place to have me come contract for cheap?
I want to do this for the rest of my life, and one day, I want to do tax planning, insurance and finance brokerage, and have a lawyer on site for small businesses.  

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NewManagerPrivateNewManagerPrivate answered 1 year ago

I think you should go work for a small to midsize accounting firm for at least 3 years. Start making contacts, saving money, learning all you can, and pass the CPA exam and get licensed.
It sounds fun to strike our on your own, but you need to have some colleagues to reach out to to bounce ideas off. You need to have seed the books of 10 companies. 

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