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October 3, 2023

Remote Automation Lead, Accounting Data

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Job Title: Remote Automation Lead, Accounting Data
Location: Seattle, Washington (Remote Based)
Hiring Company:

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Our Client, a unique, fast growing, 100% remote cloud finance and accounting services firm, is hiring for a critical role – REMOTE Automation Lead.

Job Type
Full time, W2
Location: REMOTE within the US

Are you:

  • A multi-faceted all-star who loves streamlining the accurate flow of data from one system to another through a combination of low-code tools and custom scripting?
  • Someone who loves data visualization and has a knack for presenting data elegantly using modern Business Intelligence tools?
  • Someone who loves details, and leaves no stone unturned when trying to solve a problem or check your work?
  • Someone who has a unique combination of accounting, data science and engineering skills, but still operate with warmth, compassion and humility in everything you do?

If so, you might be the right person to work directly with the CEO to tackle some of the firm’s most challenging problems – how to efficiently access, clean, and move large amounts of data between software systems both internally and for the clients.

What’s In It for You: 

  • 100% remote work – but you’ll also get to travel to conferences and to a once-a-year company gathering. Other key strategy sessions throughout the year will also be held in-person 
  • Generous compensation – including health and dental insurance, retirement matching, PTO, maternity/paternity leave, annual-wellness benefits and much more 
  • Joyful culture – team members love what they do, and that infectious energy permeates throughout the firm
  • Endless growth opportunities – this is a fast-growing company on a decades long journey of evolution that loves team members who have a similar growth mindset and horizon

The Ideal Candidate Brings: 

  • Fluency in Python and JavaScript and a strong understanding of low-code tools such as Zapier and Integromat. What you don’t know, you can learn quickly 
  • Strong familiarity with accounting, including an understanding of how a Balance Sheet and P&L work together. You are familiar with Journal Entries, Debits and Credits, and QuickBooks Online 
  • Obsession with documentation and adherence to process. You love creating and following structured workflows, and get excited by helping others adhere to consistent processes 
  • Humility, patience, and a deeply rooted servant leadership mentality. You love to “get in the weeds” and avoid regular micromanagement 
  • Excellent communication skills – with both clients and team members across multiple communication channels (email, MS Teams, Zoom, etc.) 
  • Ability to quickly build expertise in cloud accounting technologies (QBO,, Gusto, Divvy/Ramp, Expensify/Tallie, Salesforce, Google Drive, etc.) 
  • Resourcefulness – an expert problem solver who is not afraid to to ask for help when needed
  • A keen attention to detail – with a sense of integrity, dependability, and joyfulness 

About The Client: 

Our Client is a fast-growing, cloud finance and accounting services firm founded on two equal missions: 

  • Providing team members with their Dream Job. This means building a workplace where team members experience joy daily, are cared for and respected, afforded flexibility, given room to grow professionally and are compensated at the top of the industry 
  • De-stressing and freeing up our clients via excellent and modern cloud-based finance and accounting services. They handle accounting, payroll, bill-pay, invoicing, reporting and other needs for customers so they can focus on their business, organization, family or other priorities. 

What You’ll Do: 

  • Support Existing Customer Automations 

○ You will quickly get up to speed on the data pipeline our client has built via Python, JavaScript, custom macros in Excel and Google Sheets and low-code tools 
○ You will manage tools that access customer data in SaaS apps via API or sometimes through manual report downloads when APIs are not available 
○ Your accounting knowledge will help you understand the data manipulation they must do before pushing customer data into QuickBooks Online via its API. You can then check your work with your understanding of Journal Entries and Debits and Credits 
○ In learning and supporting the existing automations they’ve built, you’ll be immediately looking for ways to improve the overall systems – using new tools or improved safe-guards to best serve customers’ needs

  • Support Our Client’s Existing Automations 

○ Similarly, you’ll support existing critical process automation they’ve built internally with Python, Google Sheets, APIs and data warehousing in Google Big Query. This work supports critical parts of monthly operations including billing, profit-sharing, etc.
○ Working directly with the CEO, you’ll streamline both the creation and presentation of various internal reports we use on a weekly basis 

  • Tackle New Automation Opportunities 

○ You’ll work directly with the team to seek out opportunities to further automate data services for clients. This will include seeking out automation opportunities outside of finance and accounting workflows. This may include automating parts of their marketing processes, field scheduling, inventory purchasing, etc. Over time, you’ll build out a team to scale the process automation services for clients 
○ Internally, you’ll work directly with the CEO to help implement and integrate a new CRM into their proposal and workflow management tools via thoughtful use of tools like Zapier. You’ll tackle other interesting challenges internally including more building systems for more real-time margin presentation and budget-to-actual analysis 


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