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Here Are Even More 2024 Accounting Salary Projections

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Last month we took a look at the 2024 Robert Half Salary Guide to get an idea what public accounting salaries should be in the range of next year, today it’s a similar report from Addison Group and their 2024 Workforce Planning Guide. The guide covers several industries, we are of course only here for accounting.

Of the finance and accounting sector the report says:

In a field known for ‘churn and burn,’ last year was one for the record books with higher job turnover than in any other three-year period. Those now settled into new jobs are not in a hurry to leave. A turbulent economy plus healthy compensation packages over the past few years have decreased the pool of candidates and increased the competition for talent.

As employers continue to face a tight job market, they will need to take a closer look at their compensation packages and be prepared for counter offers. Beyond salary levels, evaluate what creative work/life balance and benefits may entice candidates from paid paternity leave to on-site daycare or more flexible vacation packages.


Despite a complex economy that requires more guidance from financial and accounting professionals, there’s a serious talent shortage that’s going to worsen in the next few years. While 75% of CPA’s reached retirement age in 2020, the good news is that finance and accounting are now ranking as top career choices among Gen Z candidates.

Say what now? Whatever, moving on…

Recruiting for these positions goes beyond attractive compensation packages to revisiting upskilling of in-house teams as well as more focus on under qualified candidates who have potential but require training and certifications. Employers will need to reward employees who earn CPAs, CFAs, and CFPs or risk losing them to competitors. Many companies also expect to increase outsourcing to fill the gaps.

Now that you bravely skimmed four entire paragraphs of icky words, here are national average salaries for various accounting positions according to the report.

Accounting/Reporting job title National average salary
Chief Accounting Officer $227,071
Controller $191,885
Assistant Controller $165,753
Director of Corporate Accounting $156,664
Director of Financial Reporting $179,490
Director of Lease / Revenue Recognition $152,884
Accounting Manager $146,925
Lease / Revenue Recognition Manager $147,751
Technical / Financial Reporting Manager $151,911
Senior Accountant $99,881
Senior Lease / Revenue Accountant $76,862
Senior Technical / SEC Accountant $101,625
Lease / Revenue Recognition Accountant $65,948
Staff Accountant $63,959

There are a few more operational and lower level roles in the report such as Bookkeeper ($51,989) and Data Entry Specialist ($41,020), let’s go ahead and skip those.

The report also offers a comparison of accounting function roles and average salaries in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte. The most lucrative of these is being a CFO in Boston ($302,309 versus national average of $261,739). The worst is being a data entry specialist…anywhere. To keep things simple, we’ll stick to the tax and audit roles.

Tax and Audit Salaries (2024 projections)
Tax/Audit Position National average salary Atlanta Austin Boston Charlotte
Director of Tax $183,006 $196,731 $211,372 $215,947 $173,856
Tax Manager $140,049 $150,553 $161,757 $165,258 $133,047
Senior Tax Accountant $92,450 $99,384 $106,780 $109,091 $87,828
Tax Accountant $75,233 $80,875 $86,894 $88,775 $71,471
Director of Internal Audit $183,737 $180,062 $248,045 $216,810 $174,550
Internal Audit Manager $165,286 $161,980 $206,608 $195,037 $157,022
Senior Internal Auditor $115,172 $120,931 $135,327 $135,903 $109,413
Internal Auditor $92,921 $95,244 $109,182 $109,647 $88,275

Thoughts, feelings, complaints, and accusations of inaccuracy are welcome in the comments.

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