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EY Gone Wild? 1200 Rowdy EYers Are Partying Like It’s 1999 in the Netherlands

A tipster has directed us to some news coming out of the Netherlands this week that otherwise would have flown under our radar so thanks for that, tipster.

The tip:

1200 Scandinavian employees of EY partying in a beach hotel in the Netherlands.

OK that sounds tame enough, how much trouble can 1200 EYers cause? Let’s see the news story.

Oh. Yeah that’s a lot. Anything else?

Jeez. Those Scandinavian accountants sure know how to party. Writes NH Nieuws (Google Translate-d):

This week, 1,200 Scandinavian employees of the international accountancy firm EY are staying there and last night they had a party. The still young accountants stay there for a week for a conference. ‘Building a better working world’ is written on flags in front of the hotel.

Because my Dutch expertise begins and ends with dipping my fries in mayonnaise (thanks, Grandpa), we asked our tipster to summarize the news story for us. Here’s what they said:

Well, in short…
A swedish guest (probably EY) was molested last night after an incident at the vicinity of the hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond (place at the beach).
One local person was arrested. The molestation was probably the work of more people. The reason for the fight is unknown.
In the hotel around 1200 EY Scandinavian staff is present for a week because of a seminar. People who live in the neighbourhood are complaining about the noise/singing of the young staff till late in the night.
‘it looked like Mallorca’, one is quoted.

The local person arrested is a 20-year-old man, locals told NHN they saw a gaggle of police cars and the man being escorted away in handcuffs. “By asking the right questions to the right people, we were able to arrest a suspect close to the hotel for the assault,” said a police spokesperson. The assaulted party is a 24-year-old man, no further information is given.

“I have lived here for 34 years and we hardly ever have any nuisance,” said a local resident interviewed by NH Nieuws. They added — paraphrasing as the Google translation is pretty rough — that the rowdy EY guests promised to quiet down. “I really hope so, because the guests will stay until Friday, I understood,” the resident said. The hotel manager told NH Nieuws they are hiring two extra security guards to patrol outside and things should be calmer today. “Tonight the 1,200 accountants are said to have a ‘rest evening’ and tomorrow they will travel to Amsterdam,” the paper wrote.

NH Nieuws is the only outlet reporting this as far as we can tell.

Anyone who knows more about the situation is encouraged to reach out and give us the details.