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Executive Mile High Club Members Take Note: The IRS Is Going After Private Jets Now

business people happily hanging out in a private corporate jet, or a fake set that looks like one

They are also utilizing puns in press release titles which is somehow scarier.

Announced Wednesday, the IRS has decided to put some of that Inflation Reduction Act funding toward scrutinizing the use of private jets, “a complex area where IRS work has been stretched thin” according to Commissioner Danny Werfel. Dozens of audits on business aircraft maybe being inappropriately used for personal purposes began this week.

The audits will be focused on aircraft usage by large corporations, large partnerships and high-income taxpayers and whether for tax purposes the use of jets is being properly allocated between business and personal reasons.

The IRS will be using advanced analytics and resources from the Inflation Reduction Act to more closely examine this area, which has not been closely scrutinized during the past decade as agency resources fell sharply. The number of audits related to aircraft usage could increase in the future following initial results and as the IRS continues hiring additional examiners.

“During tax season, millions of people are doing the right thing by filing and paying their taxes, and they should have confidence that everyone is also following the law,” said IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel. “Personal use of corporate jets and other aircraft by executives and others have tax implications, and it’s a complex area where IRS work has been stretched thin. With expanded resources, IRS work in this area will take off. These aircraft audits will help ensure high-income groups aren’t flying under the radar with their tax responsibilities.”

In its press release, the IRS admits the use of business aircraft for both business and personal reasons by officers, executives, other employees, shareholders, and partners is “a complex area of tax law” and record-keeping can be “challenging.” Sounds like a perfect place to go hunting for violations!

IRS begins audits of corporate jet usage; part of larger effort to ensure high-income groups don’t fly under the radar on tax responsibilities [IRS]

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